Monday, April 30, 2012

Update for the last day of April

I just didn’t have time to go out to MSR Houston for the annual Fastline MCS Motohouston BBQ.  I’ll have to check the forums and see how the day went.  I know that one buddy had somebody trailer his motorcycle down so he could take his Lamborghini to the track.  I bet that was fun to watch (and listen to).

My schedule for May is already packed with events and travel so it’s almost certain that I won’t be able to make any track days this month.  Hopefully June will open up a little even though it’s going to start getting pretty hot by then.

The SV is still ready to go.  I want to pull the right footpeg bracket off because it’s slightly bent and see if I can straighten it.  If it breaks in the process I’ll probably just get a new set of adjustable rearsets.  They’re not any more expensive than replacing stock parts, and if you get the right ones, they will be more durable than stock and still able to replace individual pieces as necessary down the road.

Lastly, I may look into a lap timer that is compatible with the beacons they use at the track.  The guy that I buy a lot of my SV parts and accessories from has a basic unit that he designed and sells for under 50 bucks.

Oh, and my kids are anxious to dive it a big stack of stickers that I have and decorate the original gray of the Armour Bodies race plastics that I have installed.  I have no intention of doing any painting but a VERY light sanding is all it takes to make the surface smooth for the stickers to adhere to.