Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Winter Upgrades

I have a lot planned for the SV over the shot winter break.  I made a list as shown below, and some are already complete, some are in progress, and others will be just nice-to-haves for the time being.  Here's a breakdown with completed items struckthrough
  • Quick turn throttle tube - Complete
  • 520 chain and sprockets - in progress. Rear sprocket installed
  • 4 piston front brake calipers – Calipers and brackets in hand
  • Aftermarket ECU (Powercommnder III or Bazzaz FI/Quickshift)
  • Oil change, check spark plugs, check fluids
  • Captured wheel spacers – rear in progress, front parts in hand to do with brake upgrades.
  • replace rear spool bolt - Complete
  • Lap timer – XT Ultra Lap
  • Replace front brake reservoir hose (schedule with new calipers) - parts in hand
  • Spring clip for rear axle nut - Complete
  • safety wire & pliers - not needed for track days but will be required when I/we race the SV
  • Upgrade brake pads and rotors - need to order pads. Will forego rotors for now
  • Woodcraft clip-ons - future planning
  • Check lower triple/steering-stem for straightness
  • Lightweight upper faring stay
  • Lightweight sub frame - future planning
  • Extra levers, pegs, gas tank, etc.
  • Sculpt/lower/firm seat pad
  • Spare Dzus fasteners
  • Tire warmers
Possibly more to come later as I make progress.  Some track days start up in February but work and personal schedule (and cold weather) will prevent me from going until March.  Plus I don't run tire warmers yet so it's pretty hard to warm up the tires when the air and track are cold.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Almost lowsided

This is probably the most dramatic thing that happened at the track this year.