Monday, November 26, 2012

A Great 2012 Track Season Comes to a Close

2012 turned out to be a lot of fun.  I ran about 8 track days and a handlebar never touched the ground.  Well, not unless you count when the SV tipped off the rear stand and fell over in the paddock that one time! 

After about the 2nd track day I moved out of my novice level comfort zone to run intermediate (level-2, middle, etc) sessions at MSR Houston.  I was afraid that I’d be one of the slowest bikes on the track when I moved up to the faster session, but I was pleasantly incorrect.  I turned out to be as fast or faster then most of the other bikes in the corners and mainly get passed by pure power on acceleration or in the straights when the best speed I can muster is easily 15-30 mph slower than the inline fours or big twins.  Now I’m working on my passing skills since almost all of my passing is done on the brakes down to the apex or mid-corner by carrying more speed. 

Now that there’s a few months before I get to a 2013 track day, I’m using the down time to make some modifications and upgrades to help me get a little better drive out of the corners, and well as improve my ability to brake harder and deeper into the corners.  There will be more on those efforts later.

On an SV it aint the power, it’s the strategy.