Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost ready to ride

All of my high priority items are almost complete.  Unless I run into a major issue, the SV should be ready for a track day this Sunday 2/3.  I'm on call at work, so hopefully that will be quiet so I can make it to the track for at least a few sessions to get everything tested and start getting used to all the changes.

Here's the updated list with just active and recently updated or completed items.

  • 4 piston front brake calipers – Installed. Pending test ride
  • Aftermarket ECU - Bazzaz Fi-Quickshift installed - Electonics in place. Needed one small part for the rearset to install the quickshifter sensor.   That is on order and should arrive tomorrow.  Then I can finish that part and button everything back up.
  • Oil change, check spark plugs, check fluids - Complete. Installed new NGK plugs
  • Replace front brake reservoir hose (schedule with new calipers) - Completed with caliper installation
  • Upgrade brake pads and rotors - New EBC double-H pads installed. Scuffed old rotors with 80 grit sandpaper to remove old pad material.
  • Extra levers, pegs, gas tank, etc. - Got a swingarm in excellent condition for 50 bucks from a SV650 forum member.
  • Spare Dzus fasteners - in hand. Will use a couple when reassembling the bike this week.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Making progress

Here's the latest updates as of today.  4-piston calipers and Bazzaz fuel-control/quick-shifter are the last major items to complete before my first track day.  If I can make it out to MSRH on February 3rd, I can give everything a shakedown and then have 3 or 4 weeks to make any changes before the next trackdays on 3/9-10 and 3/15.

Updates and changed information in bold

Quick turn throttle tube - Complete
520 chain and sprockets - Complete. test ride successful.
4 piston front brake calipers – Calipers and brackets in hand. Started teardown of stock components
Aftermarket ECU - Bazzaz Fi-Quickshift on order
Oil change, check spark plugs, check fluids
Captured wheel spacers – rear complete, front parts in hand but I may hold off on these. They replace the speedo sensor and I still want that on the motorcycle for now.
replace rear spool bolt - Complete
Lap timer – XT Ultra Lap
Replace front brake reservoir hose (schedule with new calipers) - parts in hand
Spring clip for rear axle nut - Complete
safety wire & pliers - not needed for track days but will be required when I/we race the SV
Upgrade brake pads and rotors - need to order pads. Will forego rotors for now
Woodcraft clip-ons - future planning
Check lower triple/steering-stem for straightness
Lightweight upper faring stay
Lightweight sub frame - future planning
Extra levers, pegs, gas tank, etc.
Sculpt/lower/firm seat pad
Spare Dzus fasteners - on order
Tire warmers - Purchased and tested. - Complete

Saturday, January 19, 2013

520 Chain - First test ride

First test ride on the SV650 with the 520 chain and dropping a tooth on the front sprocket. Everything looks good and sounds clean. But HOLY COW... standing start, engine barely up to temps, cold rear tire...up on the tank as far as I could get, head over the front tire, rev to 5000, smoothly but quickly let off the clutch while feeding more throttle (quick turn throttle now, remember), and ....LAUNCH! Front tire is instantly skimming the pavement and the bike takes off like never before. I never even got to full throttle so I could keep the front down before I had to let off since I'm on a residential street with cars and a slight curve.

Now to go put those 4-piston front calipers on. This track season is gonna be fun.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First track days coming up

There's a track day on February 3 at MSR Houston.  I MAY go to that one if everything falls into place.  I still need to install my new front calipers.  We'll see if I have time this weekend to get that done.  If so, then I'll just watch the weather when it gets closer to the 3rd.

The next track day I could do will be on March 9/10 and March 16.  I'll almost certainly go to the one on the 16th since that's with Fastline.  March 9/10 is with Ridesmart and either or both of those dates are a possibility too.  All of those are at MSRH.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sprockets and chain

A few pictures of the 520 chain and sprockets on the motorcycle.

The clutch actuator and sprocket cover are still off in this photo.  Chain slack has not been fully adjusted either so it's hanging a little low.

 Master link riveted. Excess grease still present
Still not adjusted

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rear Captured Spacers in Place

I finally got back out to the garage today and made a little progress on the SV.  I got the captured wheel spacers in place on the rear wheel and sprocket drum.  Then I attached the new Superlite RS7 520 rear sprocket from SuperSprox to the drum and put it all back on the swimgarm.  The new chain isn't in place yet so I haven't tightened everything up yet, but at least its up off the floor again.

I started working on installing the new front sprocket but that's all just finger tight for now too. I needed some blue loctite but either I'm out of have misplaced it because all I could find was my tube of red.  I don't want to put something that strong on it since I may want to swap it out quickly at the track in the future.  I'll stop by the store in the next day or 2 and get a new tube of blue.  After I get that installed and torqued down I can put the new chain on.  Then maybe a short test ride up and down the street before tearing into the front brake calipers to start that upgrade.