Sunday, February 24, 2013

Broke a critical part

I readjusted the drive chain slack today. It had loosened up a little at the first track day. I also noticed that my master link was a little tight and squeezing the o-rings too much so I may swap it for a new one.

I also lowered my shift lever about 5mm so I don't have to pick my toe up as high to upshift. Then I started to take a little slack out of the clutch lever and cable. I was doing it per the service manual and turning the adjuster at the clutch lever when suddenly the adjuster broke in the middle of the threads and broke a strand in the clutch cable too! So, I immediately went and ordered a new cable and adjuster. Fortunately the track day is 2 weeks away so there should be more than enough time to get the parts in.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

First 2013 Track Day Complete

After my last post, the next several days became a rush to get the SV ready to go so i never took the time to update the blog. I did post quick little updates on Twitter and Facebook, so here they are are from oldest to newest.

1/31 - I just need to put the gas tank back on the sv650 and it'll be time to fire it up with the Bazzaz for the first time. That should happen tomorrow after work. Then I'll have Saturday to put the fairings back on and get everything together for the Fastline trackday on Sunday! woo hoo!

2/1 - Fired up the SV650 this afternoon. It ran fine with the new FI system and the quickshifter is cutting the ignition like it should. Now just to organize a few cables, give everything a 2nd look, and put the fairings on. It's ready to head to the track.

2/2 - Test ride of the sv went well. All done except belly pan and upper fairing. May add a little more slack in the throttle as its a bit tight and twitchy.

2/3 - I had a fun day at the track today. Stronger brakes were great, the quickshifter is just awesome, and having tire warmers was very convenient. The ability to go out on the track and go full speed without any warmup laps is hard to beat! And finally, with the aftermarket ecu/quickshifter, throttle response was VERY smooth.

2/16 - Next track day is scheduled for 3/9. I have just a few small adjustments to make and everything will be ready to go.

Here's a video of one of the sessions.